Jessica Marx has over a decade sales and executive management experience. In her most recent role as Senior Director of National Sales and Corporate Strategy for a multi-billion dollar start up, she managed one of the top leading medical sales teams and held a position in the C Suite office. This not only gave her insight to daily sales practices on a national level but taking deliverables from the CEO and making them tangible for Sales. Jessica’s strategic approach and passion for business is second to none. She’s able to take each goal and tie it to revenue growth. She streamlines processes, identifies areas of wasteful spend and motivates her clients to level up.

Jessica has created and developed programs to make sales professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs simplify the way they do business while continuing to grow month over month. She has a no bs approach to hitting your goals and promotions faster. She will challenge the way you think and pull out a level of confidence you didn’t know you had. Jessica is truly passionate about working with successful, ambitious professionals to help elevate their position in the market place. If you’re ready to commit to a level of greatness you didn’t know was possible and expand your profit margins she is ready to take you there.


I want to help you reevaluate your goals and stay true to your purpose. I want to develop Entrepreneurs who have an amazing product learn how to sell and grow their revenue year over year. I not only want to provide the knowledge needed on selling, managing and navigating business but I also want to help you realize that work and life should not be a balance but rather they should complement each other. To some of you reading this that may sound crazy and to me five years ago that sounded insane right around hour 96 in my work week. But I’m here to tell you it is possible and I’ll show you how all while growing your business. So let’s talk and see how I can help you unlock your greatest potential.