The three words that are negatively impacting your business

I guarantee you if you were to look over the emails or text you’ve sent in the last week you’ve more than likely used all three of the words I am going to discuss in this post. I also guarentee that the next time you go to write it, you will hit the backspace key and refrain from utilizing them from now on. Let’s dive in and review the list below.

1.) Just

You will be shocked at how often you start off a message with “I just wanted to say” or “I just need to clarify” or even better “I just wanted you to know” and then we complete the sentence with something impactful or important. When you start off a conversation with the word “just” you are diluting it’s content and making it seem as though what you are about to say isn’t that important. You are coming across insecure and not powerful in what you are about to provide. Let’s look at the example below;

  • I just wanted to let you know that I finished the reports you requested.

instead try this;

  • Please find the reports you requested attached. I completed them for you this morning as I know the urgency behind these numbers in order for you to finish your project.

2.) Think

Why is it that women utilize the word “think” far more than men? I’ll tell you why! It is programmed in the human mind that if we use the word “think” we can’t be held accountable for being wrong. Women hate being wrong. We use it as a safety net to fall back on incase we aren’t correct in what we are saying. Women use the word “think” even when they are 100% sure they are correct because they don’t want to come across as a know-it-all or too aggressive. Yet men on the other hand will say they are absolutely certain when in the back of their minds they know there’s a chance they could be completely wrong. This helps them come across as powerful and secure in their role. So how does this one word impact the way you do business? People lose faith when they don’t feel you are confident in your role or the information you are sharing. Let’s look at the example below to help you remove this word from your daily communication.

  • I think our new products will be out before the holidays.

instead try this;

  • That’s a great question regarding our delivery schedule for new products. Let me look into it for you and I will have an answer to you by Friday.

People don’t care when you don’t have an answer as long as you provide them with a clear solution and timeline of getting them the correct answer. I don’t know about you but as soon as I hear someone say the word “think” I automatically write it off as they don’t know the answer and are simply just assuming.

3.) Sorry

This one kills me! To say it’s overused is an understatement. Women are apologizing for just about anything and everything. Shit they’re apologizing for things that have nothing to do with them. Can anyone relate? This has got to stop! I am one hundred percent on board for taking ownership when you screw up but there are so many other ways you can navigate through it without using the over utilized phrase; I am sorry. Try this instead;

  • I am so sorry your order is late we had an issue with our printer and couldn’t get anyone out to fix it.

instead try this;

  • We can’t say thank you enough for your patience with this order. Quality work takes time and we wanted your photos to be absolutely perfect before we shipped them out. We know you are going to love them and we look forward to working with you again.